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I'm a Cartoonist and a Game Dev aspirant.

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does it looks cool?




I don’t know what I’m doing

ok well I know what I’m doing but I don’t really KNOW what I’m doing if that makes sence  that’s literally my animation style

at the point where I draw Roxie but looks like a dude with rock’n hips and i just pasted roxie on top



I really, REALLY wanted so much to draw today, but mfkjhdkajshdkajs so much homework.

Pkmn Pool Party ~!
I’m really liking this one :0
gotta finish it
also, special appearance!


-le da paja ponerlo en ingles- (igual la mayoria habla español :y) 

Art-Trade angry bunny 

tote-paint oc CoCo <3

muffzattakk Demon el cual me recuerda mucho a tavros (?

gaturo oc Mina pig

midday-snax Bees!!! -mituna voice-

and…why not?…me i am shit , (no estoy acostumbrada a hacer monitos pero quise probar,why not?)

Estan bien kawaiis :v

y yo tambien deberia de dibujar a Mina c:

hey, roomie’s got a scanner!

Should I make comissions?

sometimes lying on the bed.
I&#8217;m so wasted.
few class doodles c:

Anonymous said: You are getting me so hot my little cum puppy.


bored on class doodles… a bit nsfw-ish.

Hey! Just updating while finishing my &#8220;Debonairs Showdown&#8221; animation :v

A thing I’m working on c: